Tev-Tropin Uses, Benefits, Side Effects And Cost

What is Tev-Tropin?

Manufactured by TEVA Pharmaceuticals, Tev-Tropin is a synthetic human growth hormone of recombinant DNA origin. The polypeptide comprises 191 amino acid residues and has a weight of approximately 22,124 Daltons. It shares similar amino acid sequence as the growth hormone that is naturally produced in the body, making it a perfect replacement when there are low levels. Tev-Tropin helps to stimulate cell and tissue growth while also promoting cell repair. It is a brand of somatropin, a popular growth stimulant used for purposes more than the ones approved by the FDA.



Who Can Receive Tev-Tropin Therapy?

Tev-Tropin is intended for the treatment of patients who are unable to produce enough growth hormone to support normal body functions. It is typically recommended for children suffering from growth failure as a result of insufficient endogenous HGH production. The synthetic hormone helps to boost growth hormone production to healthy levels so as to enable children attain normal adult height. Unlike most other somatropin brands on the market, Tev-Tropin appears not intended for adult patients suffering from growth hormone deficiency issues.

How is Tev-Tropin Given?

This product comes in form of a white, sterile lyophilized powder supplied in vials. You will need to do some reconstitution before administration. These vials are available in 5mg and 10mg offerings. The Tev-Tropin 10mg vial contains 10 mg somatropin and is supplied with a diluent that has 0.33% metacresol for preservation. The 5mg vial has 5mg recombinant somatropin and its diluent uses benzyl alcohol (0.9%) as a preservative. The growth hormone is administered through a subcutaneous injection after reconstitution. The pH range for reconstituted solutions is 7.0 to 9.0. You will also be able to administer Tev-Tropin 5mg more easily using a needle-free injection device known as T-Jet.

How Much Does Tev-Tropin Cost?

HGH therapy can be quite exorbitant, costing as much as several thousands of dollars a month. Tev-Tropin has to be one of the most affordable, recognized somatropin brands available at a per IU price in the range $8 to $15. The price of the 5mg vial is around $350. The final price will greatly be determined by the source from where you are obtaining the substance. Other factors that influence cost of therapy include your age, gender, weight and height. Insurance companies are likely to be more willing to provide coverage for Tev-Tropin therapy, given it is seemingly targeted principally at children with growth failure.

Growth hormone-deficient patients may also benefit from the Teva Cares Foundation Tev-Tropin Patient Assistance Program. The scheme enables eligible patients in the United States to access HGH treatment without paying any money.

Where Can You Buy Tev-Tropin?

You can get this product from reputable pharmacies dealing in growth hormone products in your locality. There are also many websites on the Internet from where you will be able to buy Tev-Tropin. A prescription is normally required for purchase. Ideally, you will only be able to get one after undergoing a thorough medical evaluation. It may also be possible to get Tev-Tropin through the prescribing doctor. Online sources most times offer cheaper deals, but you need to be wary of fake products, which is what you get from some of such deals.

Side Effects of Tev-Tropin

Certain side effects may be experienced when on Tev-Tropin therapy, especially in cases of improper dosing. These include:

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dry skin
  • Joint pain or stiffness
  • Redness, itching and swelling around injection site
  • Visual changes such as blurred vision
  • Increased thirst, hunger and urination (as a result of elevated blood sugar)
  • Progression of scoliosis (curvature of the spine)

Tev-Tropin Precautions

Tev-Tropin treatment is ideally carried out under the supervision of an experienced doctor. It is essential that you make your doctor aware of all conditions you have experienced in the past and the ones you are experiencing at the time. All the medications currently being taken by the patient should also be disclosed. When administering Tev-Tropin through subcutaneous injections, you will do well to rotate the site of injection to prevent tissue atrophy. Information on appropriate use should be obtained from a doctor or another healthcare professional when the hormone will be administered at home.

In addition to its use for HGH-deficient children, Tev-Tropin may possibly be used by adults for anti-aging, bodybuilding and other unapproved purposes. But you will be incurring huge amount in treatment cost while also exposing yourself to unpleasant side effects by so doing. Genf20 Plus is a powerful HGH releaser you can consider instead for these other uses if you are not suffering from serious growth hormone deficiency. The supplement is backed by a clinical study, is significantly cheaper and has little or no side effects.