Here is All You Need to Know About Serostim

What is Serostim?

Serostim is a human growth hormone of rDNA origin – that is, produced through recombinant DNA technology. The synthetic substance is used to achieve similar purpose as the growth hormone that is naturally produced by pituitary gland in the body. It helps to promote the health of muscles, organ tissues and bones.Serostim Marketed by Serono Laboratories, Serostim is recommended for the treatment AIDS wasting syndrome as well as other HGH deficiency-related issues. As a matter of fact, it is said to be the only FDA-approved growth hormone for the treatment of AIDS wasting or cachexia.

AIDS-related wasting syndrome is described as being characterized by body weight loss greater than 10 percent and accompanied by more than 30 days of weakness and fever or diarrhea. The problem with this disease is that it results in the loss of muscles and body fat. While the loss of the latter may not be a big issue, the loss of the former is a cause for serious concern. The condition worsens and could result in death if left untreated. Serostim can be used to prevent such unpleasant eventualities.

Serostim is also being investigated as a possible treatment for lipodystrophy, an offshoot of anti-HIV drug therapy that could lead to fat buildup around the belly, back of neck, and breasts. In addition, it is believed the synthetic growth hormone can help with the production of new T cells in the thymus gland to boost the immunity of HIV-positive individuals.

Clinically-Proven Benefits of Serostim

A handful of studies have been carried out to confirm the effectiveness of Serostim for the treatment of AIDS wasting syndrome. It was observed that it helped to increase muscle mass and decrease fat mass while also improving exercise performance. The somatropin-based product also increased weight in people suffering from wasting syndrome, but not all studies established this. Some studies have suggested that Serostim may be helpful for dealing with body-shape issues that are associated with lipodystrophy. Its manufacturer is working on a large clinical trial on patients with lipodystrophy to confirm if it is beneficial to such people.

How is Serostim Used?

Serostim can be administered either through the use of a conventional hypodermic needle or a needle-free device called SeroJet. Biosynthetic hormone is never given via the mouth as doing this will render it useless. Subcutaneous injections are the common method of giving HGH. But if you are the type that is uncomfortable with taking injections, SeroJet should be a better option for you. It is used to push the hormone directly below the skin without using a needle.

How Much is Serostim?

Several factors come into play when deciding how much you will need to part with to receive Serostim therapy. These include your age, weight, height and gender. The source of the product also has a role to play on how much money you will have to pay. Serostim is made available in vials containing 4 mg, 5 mg or 6 mg. Per IU cost could be as low as $18, or even lower, depending on your location and whether you have insurance, among other factors.

You should note that your insurer may not be able to take up the cost, especially if you are an adult or desire to use Serostim for purposes other than the ones approved by the FDA. The company behind the product has a Patient Assistance Program (PAP), which is designed to assist people with HIV-related wasting to access treatment. You could get Serostim without paying anything out of pocket, provided you meet the stipulated conditions.

Side Effects of Serostim

Being a somatropin product, Serostim may produce some undesirable side effects. The adverse reactions that are commonly experienced include the following:

  • Swelling in the hands and feet due to fluid retention
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, characterized by pain in the wrists or forearms
  • Muscle or bone pain
  • Respiratory issues
  • Rise in blood glucose levels

Some other side effects may also be experienced when using Serostim. You should get in touch with your doctor if you feel funny, especially when such feeling persists for too long.

Overall, Serostim is a growth hormone product that has been proven with clinical trials to be useful for people suffering muscle loss, especially those with AIDS-related wasting syndrome. It can help build muscle mass, improve exercise performance and slow aging. What may be the main problem here is the cost of getting it as well as the need for a doctor’s prescription.  For more info go to the official Serostim Website!