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Privacy Policy

Protection of privacy and fair customer treatment are among our main interests at Please go through our privacy policy stated below. You could also contact us if you have questions that have not been addressed or you require in-depth explanation on how your data is used and protected.

We strive to make our intentions known to you every time. You will usually be informed why certain information is required either prior to or during data collection. Your personal information will not be used for other purposes other than those you are informed about. There may be few exceptions, however. Your data may be shared for other purposes when you give us permission to obtain them for those purposes. The only other time your data may be shared is when it is required by law.

Both fair means of data collection and fair use of your data are taken seriously by us. Only legal and polite methods are used for data gathering and, in appropriate circumstances, your informed consent is first obtained.

Furthermore, several measures are taken to protect your data since we are aware that online data sharing is exposed to risks of breaches. The threats to your data include theft, duplication and manipulation by a third party. There could also be data loss as a result of software issues or human errors. We put in great efforts to ensure you are safeguarded against these risks.

We urge you to endeavor to supply information that is as accurate and detailed as possible so that they can serve the purposes for which they are needed. Be rest assured that we value your privacy with passion and look forward to cooperating with you to protect it. Do not hesitate to contact us if you still have more questions.