What Men Need to Know About Human Growth Hormone

Importance of Human Growth Hormone in Men

Human growth hormone (HGH) plays highly crucial roles in the body, so much so that it appears like everyone is trying to find a way to raise its levels these days. It is no surprise to find numerous HGH supplements on the market for people to choose from. As a man, what should you know about HGH and what benefits should be expected from its use?

HGH in Men

Bodybuilder Body After Using HGH

Growth hormone is a natural chemical which is produced by the anterior pituitary gland. It comprises 191 amino acids, each of which plays special roles. Described as a master hormone, HGH is known to play important role in the production and functioning of several other hormones in the body. It takes care of cell reproduction and regeneration as well as cell repair. Growth hormone is needed for youthful look, lean body mass and energy boost.

But as we grow older, HGH levels start to drop, and with this come some unpleasant changes in the body. Decline in growth hormone levels become faster after the age of 30 when people start to lose an average of about 14 percent of the total amount every 10 years. The body is said to produce around 500 micrograms of HGH per day, but the production is down to around 200 micrograms per day by age 40. Some of the changes in men that can accompany decline in growth hormone levels include:

  • Decreased bone density
  • Significant loss of muscle mass
  • Constant feeling of tiredness
  • Rapid heartbeat and pulse
  • Emotional instability
  • Poor concentration
  • Lack of or drop in sexual drive
  • Impotence (now, that’s scary!)

What are the Benefits of HGH for Men?

Human Growth hormone offers some awesome benefits, which make it useful to different groups of people – children, men, women, young and old. Those benefits that attract men to HGH therapy include the following:

Improved bone densityGrowth hormone has been extensively shown to enhance bone density, thereby preventing incidence of fractures. Men are known to be more susceptible to bone loss and demineralization than women, who enjoy added protection from different sex hormones until menopause sets in.

Promotion of weight loss and lean body mass – Men who are having issues of accumulated fat in their body, especially around the middle region, can get help in overcoming such by having ideal HGH levels. Growth hormone accelerates fat burning while also helping to build lean muscle mass, which is part of the reasons many bodybuilders use it. By eliminating belly fat (also known as central obesity), you are able to significantly guard against the risks of diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disorders. HGH ramps up new protein tissue synthesis for muscle recovery and repair.

Stamina and energy boost – Fatigue and lack of energy are associated with drop in HGH levels. It follows, therefore, that increasing the amount of the hormone in the body can help address these issues. HGH enhances lung and cardiac functions to promote steady supply of adequately oxygenated blood, which boosts energy levels and endurance for workouts and sports.

Hair loss prevention – Are you seeing signs of balding? If yes, going on HGH therapy may help to slow or prevent this from happening. The hormone promotes the growth of thick, healthy-looking hair.

Better sleep quality – Growth hormone can be useful if you are having difficulty with your sleeping pattern. It promotes restful, REM-stage sleep that lets you wake up the following morning feeling truly refreshed.

Improved sexual performance – It is said that HGH can improve libido and sexual performance. Many older men are known to have issues in this regard – something which isn’t exactly surprising when you consider the drop such experience in HGH levels. Low libido results from lower testosterone levels in older men. Growth hormone raises testosterone levels to restore good sexual performance.

Protection against injuries – In addition to enhanced bone density, HGH is beneficial to the building of strong tendons and ligament thereby helping to lower the risk of suffering fractures, trauma and other injuries when engaged in sports or other physically-demanding activities.

Growth hormone helps men have better physique while also promoting quicker wound healing and boosting the immune system.

Research Evidence

The foregoing benefits of HGH for men have been proven in diverse studies. The most popular of these studies is probably that done by Dr. Daniel Rudman and co. on the effect of HGH is men above 60. The 1990 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine lasted six months and focused on men aged  between 61 and 80. The participants administered with HGH showed a decline of almost 14.5 percent in adipose tissue mass and increase of about nine percent in lean body mass. The men also showed improvement in skin thickness and bone density. The results made the researchers to conclude that reduction in HGH level is partly responsible for lean body mass decline, adipose tissue mass expansion and skin thinning. The participants were monitored for a year after the study and none experienced any major side effects.

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While many studies have suggested that HGH offers different great benefits, some others claim there is insufficient evidence to show that its use could be beneficial to healthy adults.

Raising HGH Levels

You have options when it comes to increasing the level of growth hormone in your body. There are HGH injections and other types of HGH supplements that come in forms of pill or spray to choose from. Your best choice for faster results is synthetic hormone injection, but this is expensive, requires a prescription and comes with more side effects. HGH supplements such as Genf20 Plus, Sytropin and Somatropinne which stimulate natural production of growth hormone in the body, are cheaper and have almost no side effects.

It should be noted that complete reliance on HGH products will likely produce minimal results. They need to be combined with good nutrition, intense workouts and adequate sleep for more significant boost in HGH levels for greater benefits.