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HGH Benefits Explained

Human growth hormone, also called Somatropin and abbreviated as HGH, plays an important role in our physical growth and development. It can also provide a number of benefits for our general health. More and more people are beginning to recognize the benefits of HGH, thanks to a number of studies that have been carried out over the past fifty years, but only in the last few decades have we been able to obtain forms of HGH easily and comparatively cheaply. As more people learn about and use HGH, they all agree that whether you are a scientist, an athlete or just a regular person who wants to feel healthier, the hormone can reduce the effects of growing older and enhance the performance of your body. In this article, we will discuss the results that we have achieved through extensive research into the effects of HGH on humans and how you can best take advantage of its many benefits.Bodybuilder And HGH

How can HGH benefit my health?


First, HGH can improve the function of the metabolism. Your metabolism is connected to the speed with which your body burns off the calories that you consume. Individuals with slow metabolisms find it harder to burn calories, and that can contribute to lack of muscle tone and weight gain. However, most of us, even those with fast metabolisms, experience the slowing of our metabolism as we grow older. Higher amounts of HGH help the metabolism speed up even as your age increases, which can aid in keeping your body weight low and your muscles toned.

Cell Regeneration

HGH can also enhance the regeneration of cells, which helps contribute to the strengthening of the immune system. When there are high levels of HGH in the body, cells are replaced more quickly after they die off. The fact that the number of cells stays constant helps our organs, including our skin, stay healthy and youthful seeming. As we age, our bodies lose skin cells without replacing them and also cannot retain as much moisture in the skin, so it feels rougher and looks more wrinkled. By taking HGH, we can boost our cell regeneration and the moisture our cells maintain, so that lines disappear and our skin has a softer texture.

Increased cell regeneration from HGH can also benefit fading or thinning hair. The hormone can augment the amount of hair color that is produced in our hair roots, thus adding to the natural appearance and richness. Furthermore, there have been studies that proved that taking HGH can improve our hair growth by as much as forty percent, augmenting not only its volume and appearance but also its health. In addition, HGH can even make our fingernails and toenails look healthier and more youthful. The cuticles are strengthened and the nail beds turn a healthy pink color.

Immune System

HGH also helps our white blood cells regenerate more easily, augmenting the immune system. White blood cells, also called T-cells, help our bodies fight off diseases and harmful microorganisms. When they are destroyed during that process, and not replaced, our immune system is compromised and we take longer and have a more difficult time healing from injury and illness. So increasing the amount of HGH that our bodies produce helps us create more T-cells and make it easier for us to fight off sickness or wounds. For example, studies have shown that HGH can help patients with conditions such as skin ulcers and burns to heal more quickly. 

In addition to white blood cells, HGH can also boost the amount of antibodies and red blood cells that our bodies produce. The greater number of red blood cells can carry more oxygen, which is then absorbed by the lungs and released into the cells of bones, organs and tissues more quickly. Those cells will have extra oxygen, which allows them to produce more energy. This helps your body to function more efficiently and lessens feelings of fatigue.

Increased cell regeneration, higher numbers of T-cells and red blood cells, and more antibodies can work within the immune system to benefit you in a number of ways. For one thing, you might be less likely to get sicknesses like cold and flu. Even when you do feel ill, the short amount of time that it takes for you to recover might surprise you. By taking HGH and boosting your immune system you will be taking active steps to make your quality of life better from day to day, because you will get sick less often and heal more quickly from an injury. This will help your body function better, and if you are an athlete or a body-builder you will be able to train more without worrying about fatigue and weakness. But even so, these are not the only benefits available from taking human growth hormone!

HGH Benefits for athletes and body-builders

Strength Increase

One of the most exciting benefits that HGH can provide to body-builders and athletes is an increase in their strength. The hormone can not only speed up the metabolism, as we have already discussed, in order to contribute to loss of fat and muscle tone, but it can even help to create new muscle and strengthen the muscles that you have. This is accomplished by HGH boosting the production of proteins that your cells generate. These proteins help the muscle grow larger and stronger, which allows you to be harder. The increase is significant – research shows that individuals who use HGH regularly for three months or longer can see a gain in muscle mass that equals around eight percent of the total muscle mass of their bodies.

As your muscles expand, you might notice that you seem to be gaining weight. Remember, it is not fat that collects around your stomach or sides, because that is being burnt off and creating energy. Instead, HGH is helping you to gain muscle while losing fat, which might make you heavier but also can make you healthier and stronger.

Energy and Endurance

Body-builders and athletes often have to train at high intensity and use up many of the resources that their bodies provide, but this can cause a fatigue and a lack of energy when the training session is over. HGH can help with that, too. The hormone lessens the amount of time it takes for individuals to recover from intense periods of exercise, as well as increasing the amount of energy in the body even after training is done. This means that you will not feel as tired afterwards, and it can help to improve not only your athletic performance but also your overall quality of life. HGH can help you exercise with more frequency and regularity, augmenting your physical health and fitness, but can also provide you with the energy to pursue other interests outside of exercise, since you will no longer have to concentrate so much on recovering from intense sessions of training.

HGH can improve mental health

Efficiency and Focus

HGH can improve our mental focus and concentration, which studies have shown can boost efficiency at various tasks to an amazing degree. By increasing our focus, the hormone helps the brain to concentrate on a specific task and complete it as quickly and efficiently as possible. This improves our ability to work, as well as helping us focus on and remember important events and people outside of the workplace.

Stress Reduction

HGH can also help lessen the amount of stress that we experience, because of its abilities to increase the function of the brain. When our brains work more efficiently, we are able to work and live more efficiently at work and at home. The increase in focus and concentration helps us complete necessary tasks more quickly and easily – which can lessen our work load and make unexpected crises seem much less daunting. This keeps our stress levels down, and improves our mental health and quality of life.


One of the areas in which HGH can really benefit the brain is by helping reduce or prevent problems such as depression. Depression can be caused by the brain experiencing a chemical imbalance, and when the levels of HGH that our bodies naturally release drop we can become more vulnerable to such imbalances, increasing our risk of suffering from depression and other types of mental problems. On the other hand, when we take HGH our brains generate a greater number of endorphins, which are elements that help stabilize our moods and prevent imbalances in the brain that can cause depression. Some studies have even shown that taking HGH can have the same effects on the brain as taking antidepressants, as well as the fact that the hormone is more natural and healthier. In fact, research is proving that HGH can have a direct and positive impact on our mental health.

HGH and anti-aging

Effects on the Brain

As we grow older, the amount of HGH that our brains produce declines. This can, unfortunately, have an effect on the brain itself: the mind seems less alert and thinking is less coherent, the memory is not as sharp, it can be difficult to learn new things, and it is more likely for the individual to experience mental stress. HGH can help reduce or prevent a number of these symptoms – in fact, it can help us experience an increase in intellectual power and mental function. The hormone helps the cells in our brains stay healthy longer and regenerate more quickly, which can boost memory, focus, and thinking, as well as decreasing symptoms of stress, so that it is easier for us to acquire skills and retain all our old knowledge no matter how old we might be.

HGH Effects on the Body

Lower levels of HGH in our bodies can make us look and feel older, and can even make it harder for the body to function properly. Lack of HGH keeps us from working at peak levels mentally as well as lessening our physical endurance and strength. When we take HGH, it lessens the impact of aging on our bodies, especially by keeping our muscles and tissues from degrading and improving our ability to burn fat. Doctors acknowledge the many benefits that HGH can provide to us, regardless of our age, and are becoming more and more likely to use the hormone in treatment of various medical problems.

Some people call HGH the key to eternal youth, because it has a direct impact on the process of aging. Higher HGH levels make us look and feel younger, and increase our mental and physical health, no matter how old we might be. Individuals are becoming more aware of these advantages, and are looking for ways to keep up the levels of the hormone that their bodies produce. However, it is important to be realistic about what the real effects that HGH can provide for you. We have laid out the science behind those effects, so that everyone can know for themselves what kind of HGH treatment might be best for them, and what results they can expect from taking human growth hormone.