What is Genotropin?

What is Genotropin?

Genotropin is a brand of somatropin, a synthetic version of human growth hormone. It is made by the globally renowned pharmaceutical company Pfizer. The injectable HGH, which has been around for about two decades, is widely used for the treatment of issues related to growth hormone deficiency. Although made in a laboratory setting, it shares greatly similar qualities with somatotropin that is naturally produced in the body. Since it was first developed, Genotropin has been used to treat numerous thousands of patients across the world.Genotropin

What is Genotropin Used For?

This product is used for HGH replacement therapy in individuals, especially children, having issues with the level of growth hormone in their body. Genotropin has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of certain conditions since 1995. Since that time, its manufacturer says the product has been used to treat over 95,000 people globally. It is recommended for the treatment of the following:

• Children born small for gestational age
Children with growth hormone deficiency
• Children with Prader-Willi syndrome
• Children with idiopathic short stature
• Female kids with Turner syndrome

You may be wondering if Genotropin is approved for exclusive use in children. No, that is not the case. Adults with growth hormone deficiency may be treated with it as well. It facilitates long bone growth in young children helping them to attain adult height.

How to Use Genotropin

This biosynthetic HGH is administered with the aid of injections that are used to deliver it under the skin. The health provider prescribing Genotropin will usually direct you on how to reconstitute and inject it if you will be doing so yourself. You will also be provided with a mixer, pen or pre-filled ‘GoQuick’ pen for this purpose. The multi-dose pens are easy to use with a digital display letting you select the appropriate dose without fuss – the solution can be mixed inside them as well. Genotropin cartridges and pens are color-coded to make them easy to match. The 5mg cartridges and Pen 5 come in green, while the 12mg cartridges and Pen 12 are purple.

Ensure to rotate the sight of injections to prevent adverse reactions such as pain and redness. You should endeavor to let your health provider know of all the medications you are taking and conditions you are suffering from before commencing treatment with Genotropin.

Getting Genotropin

Now comes the question of how much Genotropin costs and where can you get it from. The price you pay for HGH therapy is usually not determined arbitrarily. A number of factors first need to be considered. These include your age, gender, weight and height. Most importantly, the level of growth hormone in your bloodstream will have to be assessed as well. All these factors will be used together to determine how much Genotropin will be needed and, hence, the cost.

You may find it rather expensive when obtaining this product from pharmacies. In most cases, the best prices for Genotropin can be found on the Internet. You will be amazed at the number of websites selling the synthetic hormone online. But there is a caveat here. You may be sacrificing quality by buying from some of these online sources in that their operators are based outside the U.S. and as such are not subject to strict guidelines on quality standards.

Your insurance company may be able to cover the cost if you are using this product for FDA approved uses; otherwise, you will be responsible for the cost entirely. If you are finding it hard paying for Genotropin, its manufacturer offers Copay and Coinsurance supports to help out. You may quality not to pay anything out of pocket with the Copay Program, while the Coinsurance Program lets eligible patients pay just $75 per refill.

Side Effects of Genotropin

Some adverse reactions may be experienced when using Genotropin. These include:

• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Vision problems
• Headaches
• Muscle stiffness
• Curvature of the spine
• Generalized weakness
• Tingling sensation or numbness in the fingers, hands or feet

These are only some of the side effects that you may experience when being treated with this synthetic HGH. Others include increased thirst, limping and arm or leg swelling.

Genotropin is best used by those suffering from serious medical conditions as a result of HGH deficiency, especially when the pituitary gland is damaged. But if your pituitary gland is not damaged or you require growth hormone for cosmetic reason, you will do just well with the popular Genf20 Plus. This product is the only HGH releaser on the market that has been proven with a clinical study to be indeed effective.