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Genf20 Plus: Facts, Review and Testimonials

Pharmaceutical HGH injections such as Zorbtive, Nutropin, Norditropin, Saizen and Genotropin HGH can only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription, and may only be taken as injections. However, those individuals who simply want a boost in HGH to help them look and feel younger and healthier have another option. Genf20 Plus is an HGH supplement that promises to help users achieve those goals. But what do real people say about Genf20 Plus? How can it best be used?

Buying and taking Genf20 Plus

Genf20 Plus System

Genf20 Plus System

Genf20 Plus is available without a prescription, and can be taken in the form of oral spray and tablets. It is recommended that users take two tablets daily, one in the morning and one in the evening, and use the oral spray six times a day. Its natural ingredients lessen the risk of side effects, but if you have any concerns about effects or potential adverse interaction with a medication that you are currently taking, the company recommends that you speak to your doctor. The materials used to produce Genf20 Plus are subjected to purity testing, and the manufacturer will provide a Certificate of Analysis for each course of Genf20 Plus treatment as requested. The manufacturer guarantees that the supplement is compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices, or cGMP, so that Genf20 Plus is certified to meet identical standards of quality to the medical devices and pharmaceuticals manufactured by large pharmacies and companies. In addition, every box of Genf20 Plus has a marked expiration date.

Genf20 Plus is most easily available for purchase through the website of the manufacturing company. One month’s supply of oral spray and tablets costs US$77, and the scale of prices increases up to US$385 for six months’ worth. Reviews comment that such prices are reasonable for a dietary supplement. Those users who order the product from the manufacturers’ website can potentially receive a discount as well as bonus items. However, some shipping charges may apply to the purchase.

Reviews and testimonials

Both medical experts and regular users enthusiastically provide reviews for Genf20 Plus. One medical professional says, “As a doctor, I am very critical of many of the natural anti-aging products available today. But I would wholeheartedly recommend GenF20 Plus to anyone who wants to naturally increase their HGH levels and improve their overall health as they age.” A user adds, “Is there anything worse than being an obsolete old man? I just couldn’t accept this as my fate. GenF20 has totally turned me back from that path. It’s no longer inevitable to become old, weak and incapable. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to prolong the ‘peak’ part of their lives.” A woman says, “My skin, hair, nails are vastly improved (hair is thicker!). I have diminished cellulite on my inner thigh that I have tried, until now, to improve for years! My energy and sex drive are incredible! I highly recommend GenF20 to all my friends and my family already has a supply. My mother has asthma and now has more energy than ever!” According to another man, “I have used GenF20 for about a month now and I have more energy and muscle mass and sleep very well now…before GenF20 I could barely even sleep 4 hours at night! This product is a blessing! You won me over…just continue to do the great job that you are doing and I will be your customer for life!” A young woman writes, “there is no doubt I have an extreme energy increase. I’m 18 and have been suffering from hypothyroidism for the majority of my life. My days are lethargic and tired, and my weight is extremely difficult to keep under control….I’ve just finished off the busiest day of the season with very little exhaustion unlike usual. I had more energy than I knew what to do with.”

However, there are a few patients with questions and concerns about Genf20 Plus. One user claims, “I am 36 and going on my 4th month of taking this stuff. I’ve taken the supplement as prescribed and on schedule since the day I received it. I have NOT noticed any positive effects….NO reduced wrinkles, same amount of grey hair (if not more), NO change in skin condition, NO improved sex drive (was looking forward to that), NO change in weight, NO noticeable change in energy.”

Even so, compared to some of the possible rare and severe side effects that are associated with injections of artificial HGH, these are minor symptoms that do not appear in most patients. Consider trying Genf20 Plus for yourself, and see what the benefits that this HGH supplement can provide can do for you.