7 Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work!

7 Evidence-Based Ways to Easily Shed Body Fat

It is easy to gain weight, but keeping it off is a battle. Many people have been frustrated after trying a variety of things or steps without weight loss success.

The truth is that not every idea out there works when it comes to losing weight. Some are mere myths that will probably not do you any good, regardless of how long you keep at them.

At the same time, many weight loss tips, a good number of which you probably already know, have evidence supporting them. Read on to learn about some of these.

Detect Your Addiction

It is a fact that body weight can be a function of how often you eat. You need to assess yourself to find out if you are suffering from food addiction. This is an important first step. If you find that you can’t simply turn down foods or control your cravings, you need help on this.

In a 2014 study in Nutrients, it was found that food addition was a key factor in obesity. The research assessed 196,211 persons, who were mostly obese or overweight females. Roughly 20 percent – precisely, 19.9 percent – of the participants suffered from food addiction.

Forget Dieting

There are special diets that obese or overweight persons are often advised to be on. But many of these people fail to stick to such for long before falling back to old eating habits. As a result, there’s nothing to show. It is not surprising, therefore, that studies show that individuals on special diets tend to add more weight over time.

Instead, your emphasis should be on maintaining a healthy diet. It is not impossible for you to eat the foods you love and still shed pounds. For instance, you will benefit from eating more of certain fruits and vegetables you love than restricting what you eat.

You can focus more attention on reducing the calories in foods that you love. These days, you can almost always find a low-calorie alternative of your regular favorite.

Give more attention to whole, single ingredient foods. Be wary of foods with a rather long list of ingredients.

Consume Quality Protein

You can hardly go wrong by eating more protein when you are trying to lose weight. Research suggests that this nutrient offers a very good means for achieving this goal. It helps control your urge for food.

In one study, researchers found that protein lowered obsessive thoughts about food by 60 percent. It reduced the need or urge for snacks late in the night by about 50 percent.

Some other studies show that a high protein diet boosts your metabolism by between 80 and 100 calories a day. It improves feeling of being full, lowering daily calorie consumption by up to 441.

Protein offers a great way of eating more without necessarily gaining weight. It is also great for people looking to build lean muscle. You may consider using a whey protein supplement if you are not getting enough quality protein from your diet.

Do Aerobics or Lift Weights

Activity is highly essential when you are aiming to lose weight or enjoy great health. Aerobic exercise offers a good way of achieving either goal. It is an enjoyable means of burning calories. Studies show that it is especially beneficial for burning belly fat, a major cause of some serious medical conditions.

If you can put aside your fears, weight lifting also helps. This is particularly more so when you are on a special weight loss diet. Research suggests that it can help to guard against loss of muscle mass that often occurs. It also boosts your metabolism and makes it easier burning calories.


Your success at shedding pounds depends to a great deal on how much water you drink. It has been widely shown in research that hydration is highly critical and many people are now aware of this.

Studies show that you can boost your metabolism by up to 30 percent through adequate hydration. This helps you lose more calories.

Evidence suggests that drinking before meals can be especially helpful. This helps to keep your craving better under control. In a study, it was found that drinking half a liter of water about an hour before meals helped to reduce calorie consumption and to shed 44% more weight.

Don’t Skimp on Sleep

The temptation always exists for many people to reduce the number of hours they sleep for a reason or another. But you do not only need enough to lose weight, but also to enjoy great wealth. It falls in the same class as regular exercise and a healthy diet in terms of importance.

Researchers have found that skimping on sleep is a major reason for obesity. It increases risk of obesity by 55 percent in adults and up to 89 percent in children! So, make sure you get quality sleep every night.

Patience Pays

They say patience is a virtue – indeed, it is! You need it to achieve your goal of successfully losing weight. Yes, it may be hard to burn body fat. But you can get awesome results if you do not give up when things don’t seem to be working as fast as you wish.

If you able to shed some pounds and manage to keep them off, it becomes easier losing weight. In a study, researchers found that people who had shed 30 pounds or more – and kept things that way for two years or more – found it easier maintaining a healthy weight.

Most importantly, do not expect to achieve huge results all at once. Little calories lost here and there – and kept off – can add up significantly over time.